Sweet Aidan

May 28, 2010

Oh how I HATE hearing news like this…….

I received an email from a client this morning. Their little guy Aidan has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer. NOT GOOD! I talked to another client/friend this morning about it all. She said that Aidan has been feeling ill since around spring break time. They finally figured out what was going on. The cancer is in his abdomen and a few bones. Aidan is turning 5 this week……
We met Aiden at gymnastics last year. He and my son, Sam, were in the same class. I started chatting with his mom, Michele. We hit it off instantly! I had the privilege of photographing his 4th birthday party last May. Michele and I have remained friends and have worked on a few photobook projects together. Their family even donated to our Team Mommy fund for our trip. They are SUCH a neat family and Aidan is such a great kiddo. My heart breaks for them.
Right now, they are preparing Aidan for treatment. He will go into the hospital on Friday to start his chemotherapy. Friends were able to pull together a birthday party for him before he goes into the hospital again. I was able to go and photograph the event.  Such an honor.
Our family will be in prayer for Aidan everyday. We pray that he will make a full recovery and that his family will grow closer to Jesus in the process. We love you Aidan!!
Here are two photos that I took at Aidan’s party.  Coach Brad Stevens of the Butler Bulldogs came to the party to support Aidan.  So nice!
Aidan, brother Alex, and Coach Stevens from Butler
The Brown Family
I know that I have readers from all over the country….so I ask you all….PLEASE pray for Aidan!  Pray for the treatments to be successful, and that Aidan can get back to “being 5″ in no time!!  We love you Aidan!
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