One Agreement For Two Flats

December 14, 2020

2) The agreement would have been for 2 separate apartments 1RK instead of a BMC agreement ideally the plan is a valid document that explains the exact structure of your establishment. In your case, the agreement applies to one unit. This is a technical and procedural gap. If you own the apartment then no problems, but you will always pay taxes of 2 units as a unit. During the sale in the future, the potential buyer may increase the querry in question. I don`t think there`s any correction now. If it is two units according to the approved planning plan, the association is right when it comes to requiring a dwelling for two units, but you can write to society that it is a combined dwelling and that there is only one family left, so the fee applies only to single dwelling. Since you mentioned that the owner warned the municipality that they are combined with a single apartment, you can produce this as evidence for the company and obtain the privileges approved accordingly. If the initial agreement is for the unit, how is it that there are two units? 3. There should have been two sales and two “no”s. The shares issued to the purchaser of the two apartments cited. 4.

If the municipality issues a transfer certificate for the two dwellings, only the company issues a certificate of shares. The contract is valid and this apartment can be purchased. 1) You want to buy an apartment or the two apartments combined. Go to the BMC entrance of 1 apartment. This will save your maintenance costs every month in the future. As the merger of the two apartments in 1 by the owner, has no influence on the design of the building`s construction and since the final design remains intact, you can continue with this purchase. I bought two apartments combined by Builder and registered on a single name (MyName), but it has a separate copy of the agreement. many owners tend to show 2 apartments on paper, but join the apartments at the time of sale If according to the BMC plan there are 2 one-bedroom kitchen apartments then a separate agreement should have been introduced by the owner for the apartments mentioned 2) I fear that since 2 separate contracts have been concluded for the purchase of 2 separate apartments , you have to pay child support separately Fir the 2 apartments even if they were combined apartments, hope you have two registered sales Seds report that they are two different apartments, that`s true?, if so, in my opinion, it may not be possible to turn them into a single act; Sometimes buying two neighboring apartments to combine them in the previous phase comes with a layout that you can design your home around the standard structure grids of the building. While this is certainly an advantage, as it gives you the ability to adapt your housing design, it can also result in an increase in the cost of hiring an architect for the same thing. If you change a number of existing homes, you can add additional costs for hiring designers expenses related to the modification itself. While we often meet clients who wish to divide large real estate into many apartments, we regularly talk with clients who move in the opposite direction and wish to convert several apartments into a larger property.

One Agreement For Two Flats · December 14, 2020 · 12:34 am
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