Artist Agreement With Gallery

April 8, 2021

Sending: which works are part of the contract and are therefore shipped to the gallery for exhibition and sale. (There are basically two types of work: some existing works that should be listed; all or a selection of future works.) I reply that a written contract, executed as a reminder and agreement, and the details of that agreement must be available. People should not be wary of a document that has been developed with respect and in a spirit of protection on both sides. A written agreement does not mean that the parties do not trust each other. On the contrary, they are usually written out of respect for the relationship. My recent contribution to artists who want to ensure the representation of art galleries brings me to another important question. How do you proceed when a gallery is interested in selling your artworks? The gallery/artist relationship can sometimes be a pretty loose affair based on little more than a handshake agreement. I think it is wise to find an art gallery contract. Consider the following story: Duration of the agreement: if the parties can terminate the agreement.

(Usually by one of the parties that cancel the other 30 days in writing or 90 days after a one-on-one exhibition in the gallery premises.) Sale: which works are for sale; Retail prices; Gallery Commission for the sale and sale of the artist`s studios; sale of discounts and whether the discount should be deducted from the gallery commission; The rules for sales of authorizations; Arrangements for the artist`s payment for direct, deferred and deferred sales. Even if there is no written contract, the obligations, rights and obligations between the artist and the gallery are still present, even in the absence of a written contract, as the definition of the terms of a written contract with legal effect is always a protection for both parties. It is therefore preferable not to risk misunderstandings and avoid possible litigation, possibly to consult specialized consultants capable of advising according to the best contractual solution. Over the past few months, this topic has discussed the four basic business transactions that most artists perform: sales, commissions, exhibitions and shipments to agents for sale. A fifth deal is often made by some artists with galleries who agree to act as manager/agent to promote the artist by publishing, exhibiting, selling and generally “dealing” in the artist`s works. It is often said that the gallery has “taken over” the artist, who has therefore joined “the stable” of other artists promoted by this gallery. The artists – grateful for having proposed a “gallery deal” – are naturally hesitant to ask for the use of a written agreement during the negotiations, as this could jeopardize their chances. I`ve been showing and selling for 30 years. The only galleries I had problems with were the galleries that had contracts. The three galleries I`m going to show with are all handshake chords, if they don`t trust you, don`t trust them. I spent two, 10 and 20 years with these galleries. I would not show with a gallery that needed a contract, my personal recording.

Copyright: Clarification that the copyright remains for sale by the artist and is not sold by the gallery without prior written consent and for a fee.

Artist Agreement With Gallery · April 8, 2021 · 5:16 am
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