Building Entry Agreement

April 8, 2021

Regardless of historical reasons, the perception that owners of office buildings or retailers have little or no influence on telecommunications access negotiations is erroneous and operates at the expense of the landowner and tenants for the benefit of the institution. There is no doubt that an access contract or effective agreements increases the rental value of a multi-tenant commercial property, and that is why the subject deserves careful attention. There is money on the table. Kandutsch law firm has extensive experience in negotiating efficient telecommunications access contracts for commercial multi-tenant real estate. While we understand that such negotiations are often conducted by external consultants, the expertise of these consultants generally focuses primarily on technical issues and may not cover the maximum protection of the owner`s legal interests. That is why we believe that some consultants may, in fact, act more as directions for the commercial development of carriers than as fervent supporters of property owners. Our office will fill that gap. Whether it is a single building or a portfolio of real estate, we offer an undiluted representation of interests and commitment to the interests of our clients, tailored to the specific needs of each client. In our experience, owners of commercial multi-tenant properties – whether they are a residential office or a retail space – are generally more passive than owners of residential real estate when it comes to negotiating access agreements with telecommunications operators. Even more than in the MDU markets, multi-tenant commercial owners grant access to private ownership to telecommunications companies, either without any agreement or simply signing any access agreements submitted by the carrier without negotiating conditions. With the help of a real estate and telecommunications lawyer, commercial real estate can negotiate with great success. Contrary to current assumptions, there are many valid reasons why a telecommunications access contract is necessary, including:

Building Entry Agreement · April 8, 2021 · 11:25 am
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