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April 11, 2021

“A share of income allows students to fund today`s educational opportunities in exchange for a fixed percentage of tomorrow`s income. So if you earn more money, you pay more money. And if you do less, you pay less,” Dunagan said. Today, we are following the evolution of revenue participation agreements, from David Bowie`s recording studio to a pilot program in Chile to colleges in the United States. Currently, the ISA market is largely unregulated and programs vary from institution to institution. In some schools, the percentage of income after graduation depends on your primary subject. For others, it is fixed, but the time you pay after graduation varies depending on the major and the amount borrowed. GOLDSTEIN: The English majors generally do less than the engineer chemistry major, so the English majors have to promise to pay a higher percentage of their income. Still, loading different rates for different majors is a bit juicy. You know, most schools don`t charge different tuition fees for different majors, they only set an average for everyone. This seems to be an option for a revenue-participation contract.

It`s like a company selling shares. The higher the company`s profits, the more it pays its investors. Income-participation agreements have been in the making in Latin America for years. They are also popular in some vocational schools in the United States, especially in high-tech start-up camps that teach people to write code. But those agreements had not been attempted at a major U.S. university for four years until Purdue`s program was launched in 2016. Someone at the IRS told him about this new thing, called the Income Participation Agreement. The way it works is that someone gives money to a university student. In this case, much of the money came from Purdue`s own foundation.

And in return, the student promises to pay a certain percentage of her income for some time after graduation. “Our data show that nearly 10 billion doses have been set aside,” Taylor says. “And most of these doses were purchased by high-income countries.” But last month, Senate lawmakers introduced a bipartisan bill that would lay the groundwork for another type of higher education funding: income-sharing agreements. When the pandemic began, rich countries went shopping. Some have even called it a “panic purchase.” These countries began to enter into agreements with pharmaceutical companies to purchase experimental 19 COVID vaccines even before clinical trials were completed.

Npr Income Share Agreements · April 11, 2021 · 2:10 am
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