Sportsmanship Agreement

April 12, 2021

Premier Co-ed Sports` mission is to promote competition and athletics through sport and fair play. Our leagues/events must be played with good sportsmanship. Even though the competition can be intense, we expect our participants to maintain good sportsmanship until the final whistle. As a participant in a PCS league, tournament or event, you must commit: . Expulsion for a minor breach of the code of conduct may result in a match being blocked. The second expulsion due to two minor injuries in the same season may result in a two-game block. Minor offenses include, but are not limited to: the sport is filled with appeals of judgment and, as a result, disputes may arise between players, opponents and staff from time to time. However, it is important that participants respect and deal with all quarrels that may occur in a civilized manner. No one can argue or protest. Protests for permission to play or requests for error/misinterpretations are timed and must be made before the next situation of the live ball. All decisions made by PCS officials on the ground must be respected and monitored. Any information about rules, players, officials or employees should be made known to the PCS Director in writing during normal business hours (9a-5p F-M). Any behaviour deemed unacceptable by the PCS may result in ejection, suspension and/or expulsion, as described below.

Repeated violations of the code of conduct by the same team could lead to the exclusion of a team from the league without refund. All violations of the code of conduct in a situation with a dead bullet lead to a suspension, as described below. All offences/faults/penalties in a live ball situation resulting in expulsion are subject to verification and possible suspension. Players can appeal a written suspension within 48 hours of a suspension notification. Players cannot participate in the appeal. . After the expulsion, the game and the clock stop, and a player must immediately leave the field/court and then the premises.- no more than two minutes to get out of the field of view and dementer – DO NOT wait in the parking lot or somewhere on site If the player does not leave or does not make a cooperative effort in the expected time, his team will be dilapidated. Any player who commits the insult to level 1 abusive behavior can get up to a 2-game block. The second ejection for Level 1 abusive behavior in the same season can lead to a 4-game block. Abusive behavior includes Level 1 but is not limited to: good sportsmanship is at the heart of Premier Co-ed Sports` success, so it is mandatory that each team read and understand the sportsmanship policy before the start of each season and agree to meet the requirements.

Sportsmanship Agreement · April 12, 2021 · 12:34 pm
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