Agreement China Iran

September 9, 2021

This strategy is the basis of China`s strategic support for Iran. It shows that China is serious about improving and deepening its partnership with Iran, and the current 25-year deal is the natural result of this trend of intimate relations, but at the same time, this strategy determines the fact that China`s deal with Iran will be strategically conservative. This strategy also means that China does not want to take the risk of actually deploying troops to Iran, as this would increase costs and risks for China, which goes against the very essence of China`s strategy of effectively supporting Iran with a relatively low cost and a low risk to China itself. Internally, the deal can be an economic artery for Iran and save its financially troubled economy by securing the sale of its oil and gas to China. In addition, Iran will be able to use its strategic relations with China as a negotiating mass for possible future negotiations with the West, using its ability to expand China`s presence in the Persian Gulf. Jacopo Scita, a PhD student at Durham University, wrote for the aptly named website Responsible Statecraft: “The news of a 25-year cooperation agreement signed in secret between the Iranian government and China has been the hot topic of recent weeks and has generated a considerable amount of speculation, exaggeration and politically biased interpretations. Hardliners in Tehran have been calling for years for closer relations with China. The withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear deal gave them what they wanted. China has done so mainly because it can and wants to continue to develop its sphere of influence, especially in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, which is the main source of oil and gas and an important location for the Belt and Road Initiative. By signing this agreement, the Chinese are sending a clear message to the Saudis, the Emirates, the Iraqi, the Egyptian and the Israeli people that a new major player is coming with all its might. When the agreement matures and comes into force, the Chinese will build another naval base in the Gulf, with an eye on the American one in Manama.

This will show very clearly that the Chinese want to establish a massive presence in the Middle East.

Agreement China Iran · September 9, 2021 · 5:06 am
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