Which Of The Following Describes A Net Listing Agreement

October 15, 2021

1) Which of the following types of registration agreements can a real estate licensor NOT enter into? (ii) the applicant has carefully lodged his appeals against all the debtors of the decision and all persons liable to him in the context of the operation for which he is seeking recovery from the recovery fund. If the collection fund claim is based on the shares of a corporation, partnership or limited liability company, the claimant must have carefully exercised all possible legal remedies against the qualified broker of the corporation, partnership or limited liability company. §1449.1. Obligation of real estate licensors to use purchase contract forms 5) Verification of the level of control and independence with respect to the classification of irS jobs falls under which of these conditions? §1430. Short title §1431. Definitions §1432. Louisiana Real Estate Commission; qualifications; Term of office §1433. agents; quorum; Meetings §1434. Place of residence §1435. Powers of the Commission §1436.

License and registration required §1437. License application §1437.1. Timeshare recording §1437.2. Society; limited liability companies; partnerships; Broker Licenses §1437.3. Inactive license §1438. Applicability §1439. Issuance of license, certificate or registration §1440. Examination §1441. Return of license or registration upon transfer or termination §1442. Issuance and renewal of license, certificate and registration §1443.

Fees §1444. Broker, office; Settlement license §1445. Unauthorized persons cannot claim brokerage fees §1446. compensation; Independent contractor status for sellers and brokers §1447. Interference in brokerage relationships §1448. Revocation or suspension of licenses §1448.1. Non-compete obligations §1448.2. Revocation or suspension of registration §1448.3.

Net Registration Agreements §1449. Brokers for the delivery of the contract; Retention of records §1449.1. Obligations of real estate licensors to use purchase agreement forms §1450. Obligation of licensees, certificate holders and certificate holders to report legal action related to real estate activities § 1451. Death or incapacity for work of a real estate agent §1453. Investigations §1454. False information §1455. Reasons for censorship, suspension or revocation of license, registration or certification § 1456. Notice of charge; hearing; censorship, suspension or revocation of licences, registrations or certificates; Criminal complaint §1457. Legal proceedings §1458. Sanction §1459. Real estate activity; non-approved persons §1460.

Certification and regulation of real estate schools, trainers and training providers §1460.1. Continuing education; meetings and conferences; authorized suppliers; authorisation procedures; Exceptions §1461. Real Estate Collection Fund §1462. conditions for recovery; Eligibility §1463. Payment of the fund §1464. Real Estate Research and Education Fund §1465. . .

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