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Before Michelle Tiek Photography came along, our family would sit in a studio with fake backdrops while someone squeezed a squeeky duck to try to get our children to smile. Everyone was uncomfortable, and none of us ever looked natural. The experiences we have had with Michelle have always been a blast! Each shoot we’ve done with her has been more like a party she has invited us to, and we get to just have fun. Our children never get bored, and Michelle makes them feel very special. As a mom, these are the keys to getting good pictures of my children. She is willing to go wherever we want to go to bring to life the picture that is in our minds. She always manages to get that “perfect” shot as well as many others that are beyond our expectations.

As amazing as she is as a photographer, the real magic happens in the editing process. Michelle can take a “normal” family portrait, that we think is great all on its own, and bring out the depths of the colors and the dimensions of the scene in a way I’ve never seen from any other photographer. There are always way too many wonderful pictures to choose from, and we normally get to see the edited pictures within a day or two. She keeps us updated throughout every step of the process. And it really is a “one-stop shop”, too, because you can purchase extremely high-quality, custom-made cards for any occasion. We’ve never had so many compliments on our Christmas cards as we had last year when we sent out custom-made cards from Michelle Tiek Photography.

In addition to the pictures, Michelle can design an overall look for any project. We have released several CDs and a DVD series and her photographic excellence and graphic guidance on our last two CD projects as well as her overall design on our website and blog have taken our projects to a creative level we never imagined.

From the experience she creates for her clients during the photo shoot all the way to the final product, Michelle Tiek Photography excels in every area. There is no better photography and design company in Central Indiana.

-Denise Grimes, Brownsburg, IN (



I think I must have fallen in love with Michelle Tiek the first time we talked!  She was friendly, kind and was really  interested in capturing a sweet moment between my kiddos.  At ages 8,7,4,3 that is no small task!  Most importantly to me, however, is that she loves Jesus and this was evident in her interaction with me and my sweeties.  On the day of the photo shoot she and Kim had a giant smile and won the hearts of my kids with allowing them to have fun AND take a quick candy break at the halfway point.  So…what can I say other than she is amazing?

-Ashley Diebold
Mommy to Sam (8), Kate (6), Lucy (4), Sophie (3)


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