Red, White and Navy Fun!

April 27, 2017

It’s finally Spring in Indiana!  YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!  It’s time to get back outside and start photographing again!  My daughter and I had fun setting up this little photo shoot using bold colors!  She is super girly and usually wears pink and purple….so it was fun to choose a different color palette this time!

Stella Red And Navy H200001

Stella Red And Navy H200002

Stella Red And Navy H200003

Stella Red And Navy H200004

Stella Red And Navy H200005

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Princess Sessions

April 27, 2017

I’m so excited to start offering Princess Sessions!  Bring your princess, and I’ll bring the creativity!  I have some dresses and props to use or you may rent/bring your own!  Princess sessions are $500 for a full session and $300 for a mini session.  Contact me today for more information!

Here are the beautiful Thornton sisters doing some princess modeling for me!  I first met their family when their oldest daughter, Khloe, was an infant.  I have enjoyed photographing them and watching their family grow over the years.  They are such kind and beautiful girls…and so is their Momma!  I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful clients that become my friends!!


Thornton Girls Spring 2017h2o0012

Thornton Girls Spring 2017h2o0011

Thornton Girls Spring 2017h2o0010

Thornton Girls Spring 2017h2o0009

Thornton Girls Spring 2017h2o0008

Thornton Girls Spring 2017h2o0007

Thornton Girls Spring 2017h2o0006

Thornton Girls Spring 2017h2o0005

Thornton Girls Spring 2017h2o0004

Thornton Girls Spring 2017h2o0003

Thornton Girls Spring 2017h2o0002

Thornton Girls Spring 2017h2o0001

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