The Beautiful Bojrab Girls

August 9, 2012

The story of the Bojrab girls is near and dear to Michelle’s heart.  Brandon went to dental school with their dad, Matt and their mom is Jenny.  Lucy and Lily were both adopted.  Here is the amazing part…they are biological sisters, born 13 months apart.  Matt and Jenny were lucky enough to be contacted by the birth mother after their first daughter was born to see if they would like to adopt her second child as well!   What a beautiful story and a beautiful family!!

Cutie Pie Stella Datillo

May 3, 2012

We recently had the opportunity to photograph the adorable, sweet, and super photogenic Stella Datillo!  The Datillo family is a new client and we really enjoyed meeting them and had a ball at their photoshoot!  Check out these amazing shots of Stella…


Windy Photo Shoot With The Brevings

April 22, 2012

We had a crazy, windy spring photo shoot with the Breving family that was, literally, a blast!!  The winds that day were 30 miles an hour but a fun time was had by all at beautiful Coxhall Gardens in Carmel.  The Breving family has been a customer of ours for the past three years.  They have three adorable kiddos and a fourth on the way!  We did some great shots with the kiddos-Morgan, Sutton & Ethan (who just turned one) and then got some with Mark and Josie and the kids.  Their baby is due in August and we look forward to taking the newborn photos!

Spring Photo Shoot With The Chenh Family

April 22, 2012

We jumped into spring with a fun photo shoot with the Chenh family!  Erin Chenh is a family friend of Michelle’s from childhood so it made the shoot even more special!  Michelle really enjoyed taking their photos and 5 month old Hannah was so serious and so adorable!!  We had some great outfit changes with Hannah and brother Matt hammed it up with rain boots and an umbrella.  Check out the great shot at the end of dad Trung throwing Matt up in the air- his expression is priceless!!


The Ayala Triplets Turn One!!

March 8, 2012

We had the privilege of photographing the Ayala triplets as newborns and they recently came back for their one year shoot!!  They are so much fun to photograph and we had a great time with cake!  Check out these great photographs to see the triplets then and now and how much they’ve grown!


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