Portrait Session with G.

May 14, 2009

My boys have 2 Tuesdays left of Mom’s Day Out this year…..so I’m taking full advantage of those days. This Tuesday, I met Miss G. at a park for a photo session.  She’s 2 years old and a beautiful Guatemalan princess!!  We met her family through our Guatemalan play group.  G. has 3 older brothers and LOVES being the princess of the house!  She did such a great job at her portrait session.  I brought her balloons….her favorite thing!  Her mom, Kara, said that she’s still carrying them around her house!!  

She let us change her clothes 3 times and loved the whole thing!!  I got tons of great photos….and a few that weren’t so great b/c of the sun.  I’m still learning how to deal with shadows and a moving 2 year old at the same time!  Here are some photos of Miss G.!!  Isn’t she adorable!!?








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    National Association of Professional Child Photographers

    National Association of Professional Child Photographers